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Florida Online Food Safety Manager Training and Certification



  • Food Safety Manager Training + Certification Exam

    Food Safety Manager Training + Certification Exam

    Package Description: The Learn2Serve Food Safety…

    Package Includes:

    • Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam – Proctored by 3rd Party Test Center
    • Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles
    • online
    • Online Package
    • $99.00
  • Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam

    Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam

    A 3rd…

    Package Includes:

    • Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam – Proctored by 3rd Party Test Center
    • online
    • Online Package
    • $55.00

Individual Courses

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State Requirements

Manager Certification

All food service managers who are responsible for the storage, preparation, display and serving of foods to the public must successfully pass a Food Manager Certification examination. Each licensed establishment shall have at least one certified food manager.

Certification Renewal — Every 5 years

Who has to be certified? Certification applies to Managers Only.

Do managers require training? Manager training is NOT required.

Do all mangers require certification? Under Florida Statute 509 “All” managers are to obtain certification through examination within 90 days of employment.

Who qualifies as a manager? Managers are anyone who supervises employees when receiving, preparing, storing or serving food.

Must the certified manager be present? Under Florida Administrative Code 61C-3, at least one manager with the certification must be present at all times in operations with (4) or more employees.

How does someone become certified? Certification is through a proctored approved examination.

What examinations are approved? Examination must be through an ANSI accredited program of instruction. 360training.com’s Learn2Serve is an ANSI-CFP Accredited Examination Provider.

How long is the certification in effect? Certification must be renewed every 5 years through examination.

Employee Training (DBPR Food Worker)

Do all employees require training? All employees must receive Training: All employees must be trained in an approved program if they handle food or equipment in contact with food, prepare, or serve food. They must be trained within 60 days of employment.

Do employees need to be certified? No Certification is required of employees: Certification applies only to managers. Employees must be trained in an approved program.

Do employees take a test? Testing of employees is prohibited by law

What are approved employee-training programs? The state maintains a list of approved employee training programs. To be approved, the training must have been in use and submitted for review prior to Nov 1 2000.

What will inspectors look for? Inspectors will review a roster of attendees to training programs and/or certificates of completion. If there are employees on staff for more than 60 days and they are not on the roster, or such employee cannot produce proof of training the facility is out of compliance. Inspectors will review the training course and check against the approved vendor list. They will check the letter sent by the approved vendor confirming the approved course.

How long is the approved training in effect? The approved training must be repeated every 3 years.

Who has to report training to the state? Only third parties report training. The in house-certified manger does not need to report the attendees to the course he conducts. The third party instructor must provide the list of attendees they train to the state. The onsite course automatically updates the states training database

Who is approved to conduct training? Certified professional Food Managers. Course Details

Online Florida Food Manager Training Course

The Learn2Serve Food Manager Training course successfully prepares food safety managers to pass any ANSI-CFP* nationally accredited certification examination. 360training.com’s Learn2Serve is an ANSI-CFP Accredited Examination Provider. More importantly, the materials are presented in ways that ensure both managers and handlers will remember the food safety principles long after training has taken place. After the course, please visit www.learn2serve.com/certified to purchase the Learn2Serve Certified Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Please remember, the examination must be proctored.

Online DBPR Florida Food Worker Training Course

Learn2Serve makes obtaining your DBPR food handler training certification simple and hassle free. Click to enroll, complete the course and print your certificate. We will report your training information to the DBPR. We know you have a tough schedule and that’s why we’re the only provider offering live 24-hour help to make sure you don’t waste time if your in of need technical assistance.