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How to Get Food Handlers Card?

Getting a food handler card is an essential for food servers to be able to meet mandatory state requirements for food and beverage professionals. Aside from the food handlers’ certification, the card serves as an official proof of their expertise in food handling and food safety to effectively abate and prevent foodborne illness. This informative guide outlines the importance of getting a food handler card and how to obtain it.

Food Handler Responsibilities

A food handler is anyone who is legally employed by a food and beverage establishment or food facility and who are directly involved in food storage, service and preparation. Most restaurant workers such as waiters, chefs, cooks, bartenders and managers are classified as food handlers.

Food Handler Card Details

A food handler’s card is a form of license that proves food professionals’ expertise in food handler training. It is strictly required of workers 30 days within the start of employment. Local health and environmental government agencies enforce strict safety codes for food and beverage establishments to observe, and it only follows that employees should possess a standard card to reflect their credibility as food handling and safety practitioners. Moreover, state enforcers also request employers to file cards and certifications as deemed necessary for records purposes.

How to Get Food Handlers Card and Food Handler Training


The food protection certification managers hold is approved by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) accreditation program, which is the reason it is also referred to as an ANSI-CFP certification. Managers who already have a manager’s food safety certification do not have to retrain to be able to comply with food handler state requirements.

The ANSI-CFP certification also allows food managers to work in any state. Its renewal/certification validity depends on the jurisdiction, ranging between three and five years. Managers who have been certified in a state where the certification period is five years can cut it down by two years if they decide to practice in another state where the certification period is three years.

Getting Food Handler Training

A food handler license card can be acquired by completing Learn2serve.com’s Food Handler training course and exam. The course is an online, self-paced program that students can complete in two hours. It features an integrated multimedia module that prepares students for their certification exam.

Food Handler Training for Employees

Learn2Serve offers discounted corporate training for employees of food service establishments. Employers can enroll a minimum of 20 employees for the training courses to avail the discounted pricing.

Duration of Food Handler Card Processing

A food handler’s card takes only a few days to process once students have passed their food handler training. It can be acquired within 30 days following employment date. Your training certificate, on the other hand, can be printed right away following your food handler training completion.

Certification Period

The food handler’s permit is valid only in the state where you practice. The length of validity, on the other hand, varies per state. Food handler cards are generally valid for three to five years depending on your jurisdiction.

Card Replacement

Replacing your card shouldn’t be a worry. All you need to do is contact Learn2serve.com’s customer service at (800) 442-1149 to get another copy of your food handler card. Learn2serve.com will advise you on how to get your duplicate card. If you lost your official certification, you can also contact the same hotline to request a new copy. Please note that official certificates take 7-10 business days to be processed.