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What is a Food Handler Certificate?

If you work at a restaurant or handle food in a food selling or serving establishment, you'll need a Food Handler Training course.

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Food Handler Training Certificate:

The Learn2Serve.com Food Handler Training course will discuss various food safety handling and serving principles. Upon successful completion of the course and the exam, you will earn your food handler certificate of completion.

Food Handler Training is often intended for entry-level professionals in the food service industry, such as servers, chefs, cooks, cashiers, and even c-store clerks. The Food Handler Certificate will require the learner to complete a brief 2-hour training course covering basic food safety principles. At the conclusion of the course, the learner will be tested on their knowledge of the content and learning outcomes. Upon successfully passing the exam, the learner will be issued a Food Handler's Certificate document (or card).

What is Food Manager Certification?

A Food Manager Certification is designed for mid-level or experienced professionals in the food service industry, such as restaurant managers, produce managers, c-store managers, etc.

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Food Manager Certification:

A Food Manager Certification is designed for mid-level or experienced professionals in the food service industry, such as restaurant managers, produce managers, c-store managers, etc. With the Food Manager Certification Exam there are no required courses or training requirements leading up to the exam (unless jurisdiction requirements stipulate otherwise). The learner is assessed based on their knowledge of a set of concepts.

Upon successfully passing the exam, the learner will earn their Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) designation (or CFP). This acronym can be added to the individual's name. The certification is valid for a period of three to five years. At the end of the certification period, recertification will be required.

Food Safety License Online Training
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Food Safety Manager Certification

If you need to take the Food Manager Certification Exam and, perhaps, additional food safety training, you are just in luck. 360training.com, a leading online eLearning marketplace, offers a convenient way for you to have your food safety training and exam: The Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Training and Certification Exam.

To be a certified food protection manager, you must pass a food safety examination. The Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is accredited by the American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP).

The exam is designed to test and assess food service employees on competencies relevant to the prevention of foodborne illness. If you take our food safety certification exam and pass with a score of 75% and above, you will get your food safety certification in the mail within 15 days.

Food Safety Course No additional Test Center/Proctor Fees!* What is Food Safety and Food Safety Manager Training

*Retakes not included. Additional exam retake fee will apply.

What is Food Manager Training and Certification?

Food Manager Training and Certification is important because of food safety.

Food safety is a scientific discipline explaining the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. Food safety does not only affect the sales and continued patronage of your establishment but public safety, most of all. It is for this reason that establishments found to violate food safety protocol are fined or closed.

Although each person working in a food establishment is required to have a handle on food safety, there should always be someone responsible for these people and the overall food safety practices in the said establishment. This person is the Food Manager.

Not every food worker can be a food protection manager. A food protection manager needs to be certified. To be certified as a food manager, one has to pass a food safety examination administered by a certification provider that is recognized by your state’s regulatory entity. The 360training.com Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Exam is accredited by ANSI-CFP, which has jurisdiction over the majority of the states in the U.S.

It is also better for every food manager hopeful to be updated in the latest principles in food safety management. 360training.com also offers a food safety manager course, the Learn2Serve Food Safety Principles. This course, also, serves as a guide for those who are preparing for certification as a Food Safety Manager. This 100% online course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. With this course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a better understanding of food safety, its importance, and those who enforce it.
  • Describe the types of food-borne illness and causes.
  • Discuss the types of biological, physical, and chemical contamination.
  • Define temperature control.
  • Recognize the importance of proper personal hygiene in the workplace.
  • Identify cleaning, sanitation, and facility design.

Food safety is important. The role of a food manager is crucial to every food establishment. Take on that role. Be that person. Get your food safety certificate now. Enroll online. Get the Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and the Learn2Serve Food Safety Principles course today.