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Hailed by Zagat as an up and coming dining destination, Utah’s budding restaurant scene is only proof that there’s more to Utah than its famous ski slopes, trade shows and conventions, and religious ties. And with a lot of support and love going around the food scene among local industry purveyors, Utah’s potential for growth will only become greater in the years to come.

Don’t you wish to be part of Utah’s exciting food scene? Get your Utah food handlers permit online now from Learn2Serve.com!

Learn2Serve’s food handler training program for Utah residents covers all the food safety issues, regulations and techniques needed to ensure a food-safe environment for workers and consumers. The program comes in a bundle called Food Handler + Easy Off-Premises and Class C Operator Training, which covers all aspects of food production and safety in a food facility.

The bundle is divided into three courses:

Food Handler Training – This course equips students with food safety knowledge and skills that can help them prevent the incidence of foodborne illnesses at the workplace. After finishing this course, students will know how to properly identify biological, physical and chemical contamination; cook and store food to proper temperatures; prepare food in a healthful and safe way; and know how to practice proper hygiene and sanitation.

Alcohol Seller/Server (Off-Premises) – Recognized by the Utah Department of Human Services, this course educates students on everything they need to know about being a responsible alcohol seller. This involves being able to identify the effects of alcohol on individuals, making an intervention and refusing a sale, knowing the right way of checking IDs and recognizing minors, and protecting oneself and one’s employer from liabilities.

UST Class C Operator Training – This course equips students of operating underground storage tanks (UST) safely and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Learn2Serve’s course is the first TCEQ approved UST A/B Operator Training in the country.

Students need to obtain a passing grade of 70 percent or higher to receive a certification. Corporate accounts or group enrollees can save up to 18 percent when they register for the course.

What are you waiting for? Start a vibrant career by completing your Utah food handlers training course today! Call 888-360-8764 to enroll in one of our courses.

State Requirement

Utah offers the “Generic Food Handler Course” which is an indication that there is no requirement the state of Utah