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Bartender License – Age Requirements

Bartender Training and Bartending School Online More and more people are recognizing the versatility and profitability of becoming a bartender. Bartending is a good way to earn a living, especially in today’s dismal economy. However, if you want to gain a meaningful employment in an establishment selling alcoholic beverages, you need a bartending license. For the most part, majority of employers only hire people who possess this certification for insurance purposes. But more importantly, a license shows employers that you take your profession seriously and this makes you more marketable.
The requirements for acquiring such a license vary from state to state. But generally you will need to have alcohol seller/server training before you can become a bartender.
The Alcohol Seller/Server Certification provides restaurant and hospitality professionals with a comprehensive understanding of laws governing the selling of alcohol. The knowledge and skills they acquire from liquor law training will enable them to act responsibly around intoxicants.

Learn2Serve.com provides an intensive online alcohol seller/server training that you can conveniently utilize anytime and anyplace. All you need is a computer that’s connected to the Internet and you’re good to go. With our bartender training program, you are guaranteed to learn all you need in order to become a success in your chosen career path. What’s more, we offer courses at a competitive price that keeps your wallet happy and your resume impressive.

Bartenders License

Bartending is a fun and meaningful job for food and beverage professionals who like variety and meeting different kinds of people. If given the chance, everyone will sure sign up for the job! But there’s more to bartending delivering drinks to clients—bartending takes know-how and training as much as other jobs in the food and beverage industry. Some employers even require bartenders to have a bartending license, as a way of proving their competencies and background.

Aspiring bartenders can obtain their bartending license online without leaving the comfort of their home. Fortunately, online courses are available for bartenders so they no longer have to take time off work to add bartending to their repertoire of skills. These courses usually take two hours and already satisfy the requirements imposed by local liquor authorities.

Learn2Serve’s bartender training course provides professionals with the necessary skills and techniques in being a responsible alcoholic beverage seller and server. Specifically, you’ll obtain a clear understanding of how alcohol affects your customers, local liquor laws, and how to protect yourself and the establishment from liabilities resulting from the unlawful sales of alcohol to intoxicated persons.

Following course completion, students will learn how to recognize the effects of alcohol on consumers; calculate alcohol concentration in the blood; know the effects of combining alcohol and drug consumption; prevent second-party sales; check IDs accurately; intervene and refuse a sale of alcoholic beverage to intoxicated persons; and understand the role of an alcohol seller and server in ensuring the safety of the general public.

The requirements for obtaining a bartending license may slightly vary depending on your jurisdiction. To make sure that you are complying with state requirements and are taking the right course, visit the “State Requirements” tab on Learn2Serve’s state-specific alcohol seller and server training product page.

Businesses benefit from having their workers trained in due to the fact that training prepares their workers to responsibly perform the service and sales of alcoholic spirits and be able to protect their operations from liabilities and damages resulting from the misconduct of intoxicated patrons. Moreover, businesses that have properly trained their employees to sell and serve alcoholic beverages often receive discounts from insurance companies.

Learn2Serve is a premier provider of online alcohol seller and server training for individuals who’d like to start a vibrant career in the food and beverage industry. With Learn2Serve’s bartending program, you’ll get quality training for everything you need to know in the proper sales and service of alcohol. Enroll now and take advantage of our affordable courses!


Reduce your Liquor Liability Insurance by enrolling for our
Bartending License Certification Course!

All businesses involved in the sale or distribution of alcoholic spirits need liquor liability insurance to protect themselves against loss or damage claims resulting from the actions of an intoxicated patron. Although the threshold between sobriety and intoxication varies from person to person, the alcohol server and his/her employer may still be held accountable for any harm caused by overindulging patrons to themselves and others.
Discounts are offered to establishments who have properly trained staff to serve or sell
alcohol. That is why more and more business owners prefer to hire individuals who hold
a Responsible Beverage Server Training Certification.

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How old do I have to be to bartend?
  Alabama 21
  Arkansas 18
  Arizona 19
  California 21
  Colorado 18
  Connecticut 18
  Florida 18
  Georgia 18
  Hawaii 18
  Idaho 19
  Illinois 21
  Indiana 21
  Iowa 18
  Kansas 21
  Kentucky 20
  Maine 18
  Massachusetts 18
  Minnesota 18
  Mississippi 21
  Missouri 18
  Montana 18
  Nebraska 19
  Nevada 21
  New Hampshire 18
  New Jersey 19
  New York 18
  North Carolina 21
  North Dakota 19
  Ohio 21
  Oklahoma 21
  Pennsylvania 18
  Rhode Island 18
  South Carolina 21
  South Dakota 21
  Tennessee 18
  Texas 18
  Utah 21
  Vermont 18
  Virginia 21
  West Virginia 18
  Wisconsin 18
  Wyoming 21
  Washington DC 21