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10 Sandwiches that will Keep Them Coming Back

Michelle Roebuck

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Michelle Roebuck | June 14, 2017 | 0

10 Sandwiches that will Keep Them Coming Back

Who doesn’t love a sandwich? It’s a meal you can hold in your hand and so satisfying! Looking for ways to keep your customers satisfied week in and out? Take a look at this list of sandwiches that are bound to pass the popularity

1. Pambazo
A Mexican guajillo-salsa dunked sandwich, filled in with creamy refried beans, spicy chorizo and potatoes, can be the next thing in your food bucket list. Mouth-watering grilled or fried stuffed Portuguese rolls add to the yum extravaganza. Traditionally made with Pambazo use pan basso white bread, the typical sandwich is a Mexican specialty that is a masterpiece to behold.

2. Cheesesteak
Are you a fan of real cheese or Cheez Whiz? Either way, the sandwich knows as the “Philly” is enjoyed by millions all over the world.  Grilled rib-eye meat with veggies and cheese on a delicious grilled roll. So satisfying.

3. Panini
Take two pieces of bread, a healthy portion of cheese, whatever fillings you’d like and smash-grill them all together to make a heavenly concoction that is crunchy on the outside, cheesy and unique on the inside.  So versatile, you can prepare it in a hundred different ways.

4. Ham and Cheese
The overwhelming popularity and staggering demand of the ham and cheese sandwich speaks volumes. Grill it and you’ve got sliced deli meat, and overrunning cheese that’s as comforting as if mom made it for you.

5. Bahn Mi
This Vietnamese delight is taking over popular culture.  A baguette with expertly seasoned pork, delicate cheese, crunchy vegetables like cucumber, carrots and jalapenos.  So many ways to dress it up and make it your own.

6. The Bao sandwich
With almost 5 different recipes and serving styles, Chinese Bao sandwich is the most popular among people in China. Made in steamed Chinese bread, mantou, Bao is a taco-sandwich stuffed with sweat meats, and several experiments of seasoning and garnishes. These varied flavors include delicious tofu, pork belly buns, cilantro, and ground peanuts. The Taiwanese sandwiches also come with filled fried chicken, fish, eggs, and stewed beef.

7. The Dagwood
This American sandwich requires no rule for ingredients. With a series of floors to be filled up, Dagwood will approve of almost anything that’s available in your fridge. Usually served with turkey, ham, beef, lettuce, mayo-covered tomatoes, sandwich is as delight time and time again.

8. Triple-decker steak sandwich
The triple decker steak sandwich is as tasty as it sounds. With carved thin slices of steak flavored with garlic and thyme, olive oil and ground pepper, the sandwich is served in sauce made with gherkins and capers. Said to be the King of all sandwiches, Triple decker steak is worth every single bite.

9. Gyro
Gyro is a Greek sandwich made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, or chicken, and outside of Greece with beef, veal, or lamb, is usually served wrapped in a flatbread such as pita, with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. Also known as Shawarma or doner kebab, the sandwich is a food truck favorite.

10. Torta Ahogada
Torta Ahogada or “drowned submarine sandwich” is flooded in a picante salsa that is made with vinegar, cumin, and the show-stopper Chile de árbol de Yahualica pepper. Originated because of a slip of a hand, this delicious mistake is now a spark of a dish. Heated spices of the sandwich are calmed with tomato-sauce. The crusty bread, garlic marinated pork and spicy salsa soaked up meat is nothing if not every foodie’s dream.

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