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10 Tips for Handling a Restaurant Video

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | February 20, 2015 | 0

Being in the restaurant business and keeping it afloat is no easy feat. The road to success doesn’t just involve working hard, it’s a combination of these 10 tips that we’ve compiled just for you.

  1. The customer is always right. Customer satisfaction drives the service industry. This is the golden rule. Providing a stellar customer experience and handling any customer suggestions or complaints may determine if the customer comes back to your establishment, or better yet, refers your business to friends and family.
  2. Advertise and Promote. People need to know that you exist. Advertising and promotions, when done strategically can drive customers to your restaurant. Think of your target market and what appeals most to them. Some low-cost advertising like social media can be very effective.
  3. Communicate effectively with your staff. Your staff should clearly know their duties and responsibilities. Employees need to perform at their best in order for your restaurant to run smoothly. Communicate with them on their concerns and hear out their suggestions, you might just pick up a thing or two that will allow you to run your business more efficiently.
  4. Cater! Two words – added revenue. If you have all the equipment and your staff are fully trained, why not? Catering can expand your clientele and broaden your channels, adding in more sales.
  5. Update your menu. Keep up with the times. The economy changes and this can mean price increases in the menu and operations. Be able to manage food costs and profit yet still keep customers happy.
  6. Get certified. Be able to train your employees in serving alcohol and in preventing food borne diseases. Training is available from an authorized online institution that offers both Alcohol Seller/ Server and food handlers certificate packages. Be able to follow state and county regulations as well as making sure that food is safe for customers to consume.
  7. Watch your cash flow. Don’t put yourself at financial risk. A restaurant at the end of the day is still a business. Take note of the amount of money coming in and out of your company.
  8. Take a look at the competition. Do you have the same theme or menu as that other restaurant around the corner? Maintaining your customer base is important.. Always be aware of all your competition and maintain your edge among all of them.
  9. Analyze trends, costs, consumers and potential risks. There are a lot of things to consider when running a restaurant. In reviewing them you will better be able to manage your operations in the future.
  10. Make it your passion. Survive the long hours and endless little details. Having passion for the job will not only make you work harder to succeed, it will make your business grow and thrive.

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