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7 New Cocktails and their Celebrity Namesakes

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Krista Fredrick | December 28, 2012

Sure, having a warship or an airport named after you is cool and all. But there’s nothing like having your name permanently affixed to one of America’s favorite libations—the glorious cocktail.

Here’s a short list of mixed drinks with famous namesakes.

Celeb cocktails The Obamatini . Now that Barack Obama has twice been elected president, maybe you should make your cocktail a double.  The Obamatini commemorates the 44 th president’s Hawaiian origin with pineapple juice.  We’re not sure if the other ingredients are supposed to represent anything, but all in all it sounds like a tasty libation for a long executive lunch. (Ingredients: pineapple juice, gin, lime juice, simple syrup, serrano pepper or Thai chilli, dash Angostura bitters.)

The Eliot Spritzer . Ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has got it made. He’s got a fancy degree, lots of moolah from his real-estate-tycoon dad and gal pals a-plenty from a high-dollar escort service. Now, he’s got a cocktail called the Eliot Spritzer. How barfly-cool is that? Hill Country BBQ, located in Flatiron (one of Spritzer’s constituencies), honors the former governor with the spicy/sweet creation. (Ingredients: pinot grigio, Chambord, Serrano pepper, soda water, lime.)

The Monica Lewinsky . Well, why not? If you can have an Eliot Spritzer, why not a Monica Lewinsky? Lewinsky was quite infamous in the last couple of years of the last millennium. Now the lady with the blue dress is poised to shake up some of the old fizz with a new tell-all memoir. Should be a hands-down winner. (Ingredients: Blue Curacao liqueur, champagne, whipped cream.)

The LeBlon James . He may not be the greatest baller of all time (say Kobe diehards) or even have a chance to earn that title in the future (say Jordan diehards), but Lebron James has jammed enough slams to deserve a bevvie of his own: The Leblon James.   (Ingredients: Leblon Cachaca , watermelon juice , Florida citrus juice , chipotle-infused agave nectar.)

The Bipolar Cocktail . Mel Gibson’s famously drunken meltdowns inspired the Oak Room in New York City to name a liquid-courage concoction after “Braveheart.” Sort of. The staff mixologist says they were “goofing around” when they came up with the idea, and that the inspiration also came from Van Gogh  being “a little wacky.” You know what else is wacky? Customers are lining up for a taste of Mel’s namesake in spite of a $20 price tag. (Ingredients: Van Gogh Vodka, Bols V.O. Genever Gin, vermouth, club soda, splash of cocktail onion juice.)

The Tomb Raider . Another Hollywood-star inspiration. This time the honorific goes to the sensuously incendiary Angelina Jolie, who starred in the blockbuster “Tomb Raider.” Like the movie, this exotic cocktail is foreign-born; it’s the devilish concoction of a barista from The Red Piano restaurant in Siem Reap in faraway Cambodia. (Ingredients: vodka, rum, pineapple juice.)

The Shirley Temple . Okay, this one isn’t “new,” and it isn’t really a “cocktail.” Be we thought we’d close with a sobering reminder that celebrities have been the inspiration for drinks in America for a loooooooong time. Purportedly invented in a bar in Beverly Hills, the best-known non-alcoholic concoction is a great alternative to plain old pop. (Ingredients: ginger ale or lemon-lime soda, grenadine.)

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