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From Bartender to Career Success

Stephen Brockman

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Stephen Brockman | December 18, 2015 | 0


There are a lot of stereotypes floating around about bartenders. They are out-of-work actors waiting for their big break, college students using tips to pay for tuition and the ones the broken-hearted tell their sob stories to. They are also the life of the party and the people everyone wants to get to know. For some, a bartending license is a ticket to fun and popularity, but what many don’t realize is that it can also open doors to a successful career. The old stereotypes are getting kicked aside as the industry evolves and new jobs emerge. Today, getting a bartending license online is the first step toward many exciting, fun career options.

Become a consultant – If you are always in-the-know on the latest beer, or hot, new cocktail, and you know how to generate more business then you might want to use your experience and expertise as a bartender to become a bartending consultant. Rather than pouring drinks behind one bar, consultants work short-term with fledgling restaurants and bars that need a bit of a revamp to create drink menus, create specialty cocktails, ramp up service. It’s an excellent way to share your passion and knowledge while putting your stamp on many of up-and-coming establishments.

Work as a Brand Promoter – You are loyal to your favorite Vodka. You know the best kind of gin and you tell everyone that will listen about the new brand of rum you just discovered. Stop giving all that advertising away for free and become a brand promoter for a liquor company. Paid to market specific products, brand promoters visit bars and restaurants, work with distributors, host parties and give educational presentations in the hopes of getting their products on menus.

Become an expert on wine or beer – Can you pick out subtle earthy, oaky or fruity flavors in a glass of wine? Do you sip a beer to taste the hops instead of chugging it down? Cicerones and sommeliers are connoisseurs with highly trained taste buds and meticulous attention to the selection and service of beer or wine. These drink experts use their bartender certification, years of education and training and specialized certifications to work in high-end restaurants where they select wines or beers, pair drinks with food and provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Open your own place – What starts with an online bartending license could ignite an entrepreneurial passion. Sure, you’ll need as much business talent as you will cocktail recipes, but few things bring as much pride as running your own business. Bartenders, with years of first-hand experience serving drinks, have first-hand experience in what customers are looking for, both in food and beverage and in where they go to get them.

Compete for World Champion Bartender – Do you mix the best drink in town while also putting on bottle slinging show and pretending you’re Tom Cruise in Cocktails? You might just have what it takes to become a World Cocktail Champion. Each year the International Bartenders Association organizes a mega competition where hundreds of mixologists compete in categories including before-dinner cocktail, fancy cocktail and, of course, the dramatic flair competition. While taking home the prize for best garnish or best cocktail name might be a thrill, the real bragging rights go to the Overall Winner & World Champion. But, if the competition turns out to be too stiff, the drink recipes and professional skills you develop on your quest for glory are sure to bring in extra business and bigger tips.

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