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Benefits of Working in the Restaurant Industry

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shelley kilpatrick | July 30, 2019 | 0

Benefits of Working in the Restaurant Industry

While every job has its good points and drawbacks, there are a surprising number of benefits to working in the restaurant industry that most people never even think of. The fast-paced, team-oriented environment ensures that you’re constantly learning skills that you can use at your current job in the restaurant industry and take with you if you move into a different industry.

Below we take a look at the top perks of working in the restaurant industry and why they’re so important.

1. Every Day is Different

Unlike a desk or cubicle job where you stare at a computer all day, every day spent working in a restaurant is unique. Not only do you have different customers coming in with their own sets of needs and challenges, but almost every other aspect of restaurant life is constantly changing. Whether it’s a rotating menu, serving different sections of the restaurant, or switching between taking and running food orders, you will never be bored working in the restaurant industry.

2. The Industry is Thriving

While it’s true that as time progresses certain industries fade out of popularity, the restaurant industry has never faced this problem—and will not face it anytime soon. In fact, with steady job growth in the United States, restaurant sales are at an all-time high.

For context, the National Restaurant Association reported over $63 billion in sales in 2018, and that number only continues to increase. This means you won’t find your career choice in jeopardy anytime soon.

3. Part of a Team

While most industries rely on individual contributions, a restaurant will only run smoothly with the cooperation and teamwork of all employees. Depending on your coworkers, this might not be your favorite part of the job, but the skills you will learn from being part of a team are invaluable.

You will learn how to compromise, work together toward a common goal, and quickly resolve conflicts and issues. These skills will help you be a better restaurant team member and are transferable to any career you may move on to.

4. Wide Range of Opportunities

There are many industries out there that limit themselves (either purposefully or accidentally) to certain age groups and experience levels. The restaurant industry, however, has positions available for all ages and backgrounds, providing immense opportunities for those looking to both start and grow their careers.

Not only are you able to start in the restaurant industry after passing fairly low entry barriers, such as getting your food handler permit, but you can also grow your career in the restaurant industry. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2025 the restaurant industry will employ over 15.7 million workers. Additionally, nine out of ten industry workers agree that a restaurant is a good place for a first job, while 70% of restaurant employees have advanced to higher-paying jobs. The sky’s the limit in the restaurant industry!

5. Flexibility

The restaurant business does not have to be a 9-5 job, although it certainly can be if that’s what you want. Working in a restaurant allows you to choose shifts that work around your family obligations, school schedules, and social lives. It’s also one of the few industries that offers both full-time and part-time work. For example, if you start with a part-time position to accommodate your school schedule, you can easily move into a full-time position once your classes are over.

6. Substantial Pay

In the restaurant industry, you’re paid an hourly wage and frequently make cash tips on top of that—especially if you’re a server or a bartender. Not only do tips bring in additional income, but they’re also given immediately, so you don’t have to wait until your next paycheck to get paid. On the management side of the restaurant industry, experienced managers make substantial salaries and frequently receive competitive benefits packages.

7. Fast-Paced

We mentioned above that working in the restaurant industry is different from day to day, but it’s also important to note that the daily pace of work is extremely fast. This quick pace makes the workday go by faster and helps you develop skills like patience and quick-thinking. This fast-paced work will keep you in the zone, or “flow” as psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly calls it, which has been referred to as the secret of happiness.

Start Your Restaurant Career Today

Hopefully, you’re now able to answer the question, “What can you learn from working in a restaurant?” with the information in our latest blog post. Now before you can start applying to jobs in the restaurant industry, you need to complete some training and certifications. Depending on your state and the position you’re applying to, you’ll need to complete: Food Handler Training, Food Safety Manager Training, or Alcohol Seller and Server Certification.

Lucky for you, we offer all of these courses online and in one place. Start your food and alcohol safety training and a new career in the restaurant industry today!

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