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The Biggest Food Trends of 2014

Krista Fredrick

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Krista Fredrick | November 3, 2014 | 0

Biggest Food Trends of 2014  Wondering what is hot and what is not in today’s food trends? Let’s take a look at some of the hottest 2014 food trends talked about in Forbes magazine.

Locally Sourced Foods

There is a high demand in 2014 for foods that are locally sourced. Buying local produce, as well as local meats and seafood, continues to be a growing trend. This trend is due in part to the high cost of trucking in foods, resulting in a higher price on the store shelves. When foods are sourced locally, the buyer doesn’t have to pay the middleman. In addition to consumers purchasing these goods directly, many restaurants have chosen to use locally sourced foods as well within their menu.

Vegetarian Meals

Many consumers have chosen to be vegetarians or vegans. This diet has caused a demand for more menu items which cater to this growing group of individuals. Public awareness of the unlimited health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables is on the rise. This awareness is causing restaurants to create dishes featuring fresh vegetables and fruits. Some of the most commonly used vegetables found on menus this year are onions and tomatoes. The use of local mushrooms is also on the rise.

Healthier Meals for Children

Parents are demanding that restaurants have healthier options available to them. If you have been to Mc Donald’s lately, you may have noticed this trend. Parents have the option of choosing apple slices, yogurt and low-fat milk to go along with their kids meal. Some restaurants are offering healthier alternatives such as baked French fries to help combat obesity among children.

Gluten-Free Foods

I am certain that you have heard about the gluten-free trend. Gluten-free foods are among the top 5 food trends of 2014. Chefs across the country are following suit by creating gluten-free menus for their customers. In the supermarket, you are sure to find a variety of foods such as pasta and desserts featuring gluten-free formulations.

Artisan Pizzas

Gone are the days of cheap, poor quality pizza ingredients. Consumers are demanding something better. Artisan pizza makers are cornering the pizza market with fresh ingredients and better recipes. This trend is expected to continue as other types of restaurants include artisan pizzas on their menus as well.

Chicken Wings

Did you know that over 1 billion chicken wings are served during Super Bowl weekend? It turns out that chicken wings are not strictly bar food anymore. According to the USDA, a 3% increase in chicken wing production is expected next year. Research found that 22 restaurant chains across the country have added this party staple to their menu just last year. As they are sold in a variety of different flavors, chicken wings are popular across the board.

Comfort Foods

One of the biggest comfort foods which are making a trend is biscuits. Biscuits are going to become a popular alternative to its predecessors of pretzel and croissant rolls. Biscuits aren’t just for breakfast anymore. They will soon be used in increasing regularity to hold burgers and sandwiches together.

In addition to this, upscale comfort foods are also identified as a growing trend. Pricier and better ingredients are being selected for making popular comfort foods such as mashed potatoes. For example, one might find an Italian pasta dish with fresh local ingredients such as sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, peppers and onions.

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