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Soda Laced with Cocaine Kills UK Man

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | December 26, 2013 | 0

United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency warned UK citizens of a particular soda brand that was found to contain high levels of cocaine, and had allegedly caused the death of a Southampton local. Investigation is still ongoing about the matter.

32 year old Joromie Lewis of Kings Road, Gosport, a Royal Navy veteran thought he was just drinking a regular soft drink. Immediately after ingesting the said drink he became ill. Within hours on December 5, he died at Southampton General Hospital.

Soda Laced with Cocaine Kills UK ManThe post mortem exam was carried out two days later and results were inconclusive. On December 11, the police received the lab test results which show that the soft drink contained lethal levels of cocaine.

Authorities have found out that the product has been bottled in the Carribean and wasn’t exported in the UK.

Investigation head D/Supt. Richard Pearson told the UK media that his team is working closely with local agencies such as the Southhampton’s Regulatory Services, Public Health England, the Food Standards Agency, and the National Crime Agency, among many to keep the public safe and informed of the dangers of the said soda and to investigate Mr. Lewis’s death further. Pearson also added that the Food Standards Agency would issue a public alert as a result of the incident.

Pearson noted that no other incidents or similar bottles were discovered so far, and that the cocaine-laced drink could be a rogue bottle which unfortunately made its way to Mr. Lewis’ possession.

The said soft drink isn’t the first one that made the news for possible cocaine content. On May of 2009, a popular brand of Austrian energy drink also made headlines when the country’s health ministry found traces of cocaine in the drink.


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