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Easter Meals with International Flair

Stephen Brockman

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Stephen Brockman | March 7, 2016 | 0


Easter, one of the biggest family dining meals of the year, is coming soon. And, people expect this meal to be special. Today’s restaurant diners are more worldly and curious than ever before. This year, offer something new and exciting by incorporating Easter dishes from all around the world into your restaurant’s holiday offerings.

Chipa (Paraguayan Cheese Bread)

These Easter treats have a chewy crumb that resembles bialys or bagels. They’d make a great part of a light brunch menu or a stellar addition to the bread bowl

Hot Cross Buns (British Sweet Bread)

These sweet buns are traditionally served on Easter, with a cross made of frosting on top to symbolize the Christian cross. Stuffed with dried fruit, nuts and spices, these are best when served hot. When doing Easter brunch, prep them ahead of time so that the pastry station always has a fresh batch available to diners.

Eastertide Tart (Genoese Savory Pastry)

This flaky tart usually calls for 33 layers of delicate pastry dough. Inside, you’ll find hard cooked eggs and a combination of Swiss chard and artichokes. As a dish that is served at room temperature or chilled, it makes a satisfying make-ahead entree on a busy restaurant day.

Chervil Soup (Germany)

In Germany, the Thursday before Easter is known as Gr√ľndonnerstag, which translates as Green Thursday. On this day, Germans usually eat lighter fare that includes green foods. Chervil soup can be served hot or cold. The mild anise flavor offers a pleasant contrast to the rich foods traditionally served at the Easter table.

Paella (Spain)

This rice dish is as rich and variable as the chef’s imagination allows. Sausage, chicken, shellfish and a variety of savory vegetable ingredients can all make an appearance. Serve as a main dish or offer small servings alongside other Easter recipes.

Greek Lamb

Lamb is an Easter food that is served in many households and restaurants. Mix things up by skipping the usual mint jelly and reach for Mediterranean tastes instead. Lamb is a perfect foil for garlic, olive oil, oregano, and rosemary. For a showy buffet dish, roast a boned leg of lamb. It can be tied and served as is or filled with a flavorful stuffing before cooking.

Micheladas (Mexico)

Offer a refreshing departure from the usual mimosas with this tart and spicy beer-based cocktail. A glass is rimmed with salt, then filled with ice. Shake in hot sauce and a squeeze of lime before filling the glass with a bitter Mexican beer like Pacifico.

Pashka (Russian Cheese Dessert)

This sweet dessert is rich with cheese and traditionally adorned with nuts and fresh and dried fruit. The dessert is usually shaped into a pyramid. Serve with slices of pound cake or crisp sugar cookies on the side.

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cakes)

In the Philippines, Easter is a bigger holiday than Christmas. Celebrations go on all week long and tables groan with tropical food. These steamed cakes are lightly sweet and topped with cheese. They are usually served with chocolate, jellies or fresh fruit.

These and other Easter recipes fit together beautifully while representing celebrations from all over the world. Invite your diners to consider the festive traditions of other cultures and the ways that we can come together on our biggest holidays to enjoy fellowship with one another and the pleasures of good food.







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