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Hungry Celebs and their Guilty Pleasures

Krista Fredrick

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Krista Fredrick | November 21, 2012 | 0

Celebrity FoodiesThe rich and famous may have “champagne wishes and caviar dreams,” but when it comes to guilty pleasures, turns out a lot of them have decidedly lowbrow taste.

Even with all their money, influence and access, A-listers often make a beeline for junk food and sugary treats when they want to indulge. Seems they are no better than you and me when it comes to choosing comfort food when they’re out of the limelight.

Here’s a rundown of some well-known peeps and the snacks they can’t resist:

Barack Obama: Chili

Why anyone who spent so much time in the pizza mecca of Chicago would crave chili (a red-state staple) is anybody’s guess. But Barack had the odds stacked against him being president in the first place, so it’s no surprise he should defy expectations. So, pass the chili con carne and hail to the Chief!

Selena Gomez: Pickles

Well, it’s understandable of newly single-again Selena to pick something sour considering that she just dumped boyfriend Justin Bieber because of “trust issues.” Actually, the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star is just fond of anything marinated in vinegar. She once tweeted (perhaps in a moment of vinegary abandon): “Reeses and pickles are my favorite together.” Yikes.

Justin Bieber: Swedish Fish

If you just got dumped, you’d want something sweet to fill the void, right? It’s Swedish Fish forever for Justin Bieber, boyfriend to a zillion teenyboppers swooning to his worldwide hit single, “Baby.” And in case you didn’t know, Swedish Fish is a gummy candy shaped like a fish. The confectioners should hire Bieber to monger their fish and perhaps they can sell millions, too.

Britney Spears: Chocolate

Ah, yes, Britney Spears. Who knew the perpetually lost pop diva and multimillionaire megastar recording artist had a soft spot for chocolate? Well, she does, and it turns out it’s even her favorite food. Alas, now that she’s over 30, her once super-svelte figure may just be undone by her favorite duet: Twinkies and Whoppers.

Scarlett Johansson: Buffalo wings

Remember the femme fatale in the Black Widow suit in “The Avengers”? Turns out she has a fatal attraction to buffalo chicken wings. She seems alarmingly blasé about it all though, even joking that she will have to be rolled down the red carpet in her next appearance. Fat chance.

Cameron Diaz: French fries

Who doesn’t love a classic? Cameron Diaz sure does—so much that she counts French fries as one of her two all-time food faves. Her other food love is caviar, which is a little more in line with a the glamourous Hollywood stereotype. No word yet on whether or not she actually eats them together, though. But when French fries are around, the star of smash hit “There’s Something About Mary” says nothing is safe. She loves her fries with lots of salt—perhaps it’s the salty Cuban in her.

Ashley Greene: Cheez-Its

The crackle of Cheez-Its sets every fiber of the “Twilight “starlet’s mortal body on fire.  The oddly yellow snack food cracker made by the Kellogg Company is an addiction, she laments, but one that she indulges by stowing stores of the crunchies for unexpected binges. She admits to an utter lack of self-control. Good thing she’s not a vampire.

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