Mad Men Retro Cocktails

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | March 6, 2014 | 0

Mad Men Retro Cocktails

This is it folks: the end of an era!

As Mad Men enters its seventh and final season, we can’t help but wonder:

  • Is Sterling Cooper & Partners bi-coastal now?
  • Will Trudy and Pete reunite?
  • Where is Sylvia?
  • Are Megan and Don divorcing?
  • Is there a future for Stan and Peggy?
  • Will Sally forgive Don?
  • Has Don finally regained his sanity?

So, don’t be square! Let’s whip up some cocktails and celebrate Mad Men for all its glorious seven seasons. Check out these drinks and choose one according to your favorite Mad Men character. Cheers!


Learn2Serve Mad Men Retro Cocktails Infographic

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