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Seven of the Best Breakfast Restaurants in the US

Krista Fredrick

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Krista Fredrick | February 12, 2013 | 0

Good morning, US of A!

What better way to start the morning than to know that you’re breakfasting in one of the best places to have your day’s first meal. Taking our cue from LocalEats, here’s an abbreviated list loosely based on the editorial staffs’ reviews as they searched for the best breakfast places across America.

11-Worth Cafe  (Omaha, Nebraska). The peculiarly named 11-Worth Café serves particularly mouth-watering versions of chicken fried steak and other rib-sticking breakfast standards such as corned beef hash and eggs, and hash browns and toast. Among its specials that you shouldn’t miss are its country potato casserole and strawberry pancakes.

Al’s Breakfast (Minneapolis, Minnesota). If you’ve been serving breakfast since 1950 and you have a plateful of awards, including an America’s Classics recognition from the James Beard Foundation, you must be good. Incredibly, this Minneapolis landmark seats only 14 diners. Its stuffed omelets, waffles, and pancakes generously make up for its lack of space.

Bette’s Oceanview Diner (Berkeley, California). Ask anyone from the Bay Area and invariably the answer to “Which serves the best breakfast?” is “Bette’s Oceanview Diner” in Berkeley. The line that regularly and patiently waits outside its front door is testament to its popularity (among residents, visiting businessmen, tourists, and the inevitable students) and to the quality of its top-of-the-morning menu. People go to Bette’s for many reasons, one of them is its fluffy soufflé pancakes made from whipped egg whites with a cloud of apple brandy, banana rum, and fruit or chocolate. The eggs have it in this place, and you certainly won’t go wrong ordering corned beef hash with poached eggs and fluffy omelets round, lox egg scrambles, or huevos rancheros. This place was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives (click the link to see a clip of the soufflé pancake – yum!).

Big Bad Breakfast (Oxford, Mississippi). Recognized no less by James Beard Award winner, Chef John Currence, Big Bad Breakfast boasts house-cured Tabasco/brown sugar bacon, Belgian waffles, buttermilk or oatmeal pancakes, brandy-fortified French toast, and its pièce de résistance, The Good Old Boy omelet smothered with the restaurant’s very own chili and cheddar.

The Breakfast Klub (Houston, Texas). This breakfast joint has its own credo: “If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not have it twice.” Judging by the restaurant’s popularity, it certainly is justified, because The Breakfast Klub has taken to serving breakfast till 2 pm every day. As for the “K” in “Klub,” it may have started out as a marketing gimmick, but now that k’s are all over the place—from its superb breakfast special Katfish & Grits to its nonpareil “krawfish” étouffée. Of course, the non-K breakfast meals are divine too.  Just try the restaurant’s Wings & Waffle.

Brother Juniper’s  (Memphis, Tennessee). Brother Juniper’s is a landmark breakfast place for locals and is the go-to restaurant for students of nearby University of Memphis. It’s plain enough to see why. Brother Juniper’s offers cram-for-an-exam-friendly Juniper’s white and whole-wheat cookies, house-made berry blintzes, stove-top grits, and frittatas—as well as 15 must-try omelet varieties.

Matt’s Big Breakfast (Phoenix, Arizona). This place is a must go-to for breakfast, so much so, that a certain member of our staff rerouted a road trip to visit. While Matt’s Big Breakfast has moved since her visit, the food is still the same – cage-free eggs, local produce, big fluffy waffles, griddlecakes, and bacon (oh, the bacon!). As to be expected from the name, you get a lot of food and leave wondering why there needs to be non-breakfast meals.

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