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6 Foods that You Must Try this Year

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | January 10, 2014 | 0

2013 was indeed a fascinating year in the world of food. And with the year ending on a positive note, we highly look forward to what the industry has in store for our tummies this year. Found below is a compilation of foods that got us excited this year, and that we’d surely love to try with you, our dear readers.

1. Harvest Cobb Salad. This is food blogger Marnley Rodriguez-Murray’s harvest cobb salad, reimagined. Originally an autumn salad, for sure you’ll be glad to have this cobb salad all-year round. The blue cheese and almonds add a nice finishing touch to this healthy salad made from grape tomatoes and greens. No need for an entrée—this salad dish can hold its own.

2. Roast Bone Marrow. Roast bone marrow was all the rage last year, so if you haven’t tried it yet, I’d say you should get a load of its buttery goodness to start your New Year right. Literally melting off the bone, roasted bone marrow is often a menu staple at bistros across states. Enjoy it on your toast, with a nice cup of tea or coffee for a mid-afternoon snack, or as a light dinner appetizer.

3. Anything Brazilian. McCormick 2014 Flavor Forecast food experts revealed that Brazilian food would be making waves this year for its merry mix of exotic European, African, Asian and Amazonian food flavors. Get yourself started with a Brazilian Pork Tenderloin, marinated in Feijoada (black bean stew) spices– try it the next time you dine out, or better yet, make one at home. Check out Devaki’s recipe here.

4. Juneberry pie. Part of USA Today’s Top 10 Midwestern food you must try in 2013, the Juneberry pie is a summer pie that’s extremely popular in North Dakota. Juneberry, a.k.a. Saskatoon berry, Amelanchier, and sugarplum, is a pretty rare dark blue-violet minute berry found in the northern Plains, it tastes sweet like a dark cherry and is nutty, according to USA Today.

5. Tilapia sandwich. Pennsylvania’s Farm Show 2013 attendees were big on tortilla-crusted tilapia sandwich created by the Penn Ag Aquaculture Council, according to the Penn Live website. And if memory serves me right, Tilapia is quite becoming the fish of choice of food trucks across the US—I saw one time on a TV program on the Asian Food Channel that Tilapia is being used by a food truck based in Texas for its version of fish and chips. I’m putting my money on Tilapia this year—it will surely earn a following this year like that in Pennsylvania.

Foods You Must Try this Year6. Tea-flavored everything. Tea isn’t just for drinking anymore. For the past four years or so, more and more people have been cooking with tea, and now that tea has been included in this year’s rising food trends, courtesy of NPR and other known media outlets and websites, we’re expecting more people to include tea in their entrée and dessert recipes this year. Curious about what tea tastes like with food? Try this

2014 seems like it will be a year for the underdogs, and we’re glad that more unique dishes will be taking center stage for the following months. Learn a thing or two about the cooking methods used to make the above listed food by getting a food handlers card from Learn2Serve.

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