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How to Make More Money as a Server?

James Clark November 29, 2018

Here are some tips you can put into motion at your place of work to start earning more money as a server.

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What is TABC Alcohol Seller/ Server Certification? Video

Krista Fredrick November 19, 2014

In this blog, we will show individuals the importance of getting a TABC Alcohol Seller-Server certification. Click on this page to watch this video blog.

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Run with Cupid and Help People with Neurofibromatosis

Sarah Williams February 10, 2014

Learn2Serve have been supporting Cupid’s Undie Run for two years now. Cupid’s Undie Run was created to create a cure for Neurofibromatosis. Enroll with us using the discount code CURE4NF to help.

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Part 2 – Understanding What TABC Certifications Are

Sarah Williams October 23, 2013

Getting liquor licenses is crucial to every business. It’s telling the government that you have rights to sell alcoholic drinks on or off premise. Learn more about beer licenses here.

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Part 1: Common Types of TABC Certifications that You Should Know About

Sarah Williams October 21, 2013

Learn more about the common types of Liquor Licenses in Texas and what businesses they require for. Check out this ultimate guide to Alcohol License only at Learn2Serve.

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Your Guide to Getting a Liquor License in Texas

Sarah Williams October 11, 2013

Guide on how to get your TABC Certification in Texas. Learn more about renewals and lost certifications.

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Recommended Drinks While Watching Your Fave TV Shows

Sarah Williams October 2, 2013

Need to gulp down some alcohol after the end of a tiring work day? Here’s some recommended drinks while trying to relax with your fave tv shows.

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Drinking Cocktails ala Mad Men

Sarah Williams September 27, 2013

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Trying to find out what kinds of liquors and cocktails they’re drinking? Here’s the list!

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Bring Out the Flavors of Your Meal with a Cocktail

Sarah Williams September 18, 2013

Learn more about how to pair cocktail so it can bring out the flavors of your meal with this guide.

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