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Top 5 Beer Places to Cap Off 2013

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | December 27, 2013 | 0

Looking for a beer bar to cap off the year on New Year’s Eve, or better yet, to kickstart the New Year? Check out our top 5 list of beer places below!

top beer places

1. Belmont Station. Founded in 1977, the award-winning Belmont Station is one spot you shouldn’t miss when visiting Portland, Oregon this holiday season. The bottleshop that offers 1,200+ regional beers, carefully selected and stored under UV-filtered light to keep them fresh and yummy for beer aficionados. Belmont Station also features a Biercafe that pours awesome brew on the “cleanest draft system” in the state. Belmont Station also offers free tastings, “Meet the Brewer” nights and special events that aim to educate customers on a diverse selection of Oregon beer, cider and mead.

2. Congregation Ale House. It’s definitely sacrilege not to include this gastropub with a church-like ambiance in this year’s top celebration places as 2013 comes to a close. The said ale house has waitresses in Catholic school girl outfits, and features a wide array of brews and great food according to Draft Magazine. The bar has two branches in California—at Long Beach, and Pasadena.

3. Draught House. The 45-year-old bar Draught House is based in Austin, Texas and hasn’t lost its charm amongst followers ever since. In fact, according to Draft Magazine, there’s not a night that the place isn’t packed. The bar features 70 taps. Sit back at one of the comfortable seats at the chalet-type bar or bring a lawn chair, hang outside with local patrons at the parking lot, nursing a bottle of beer in hand, under the stars.

4. Midtown Beer Company. If you happen to be in Michigan, check out Midtown Beer Company, which is deemed to be the only “true” brewery in downtown Lansing, according to Michigan.org. The MBC, according to the said website, has successfully reinvented itself through the years. The pub is known for its impressive local bar list and food.

5. Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Brewery used to be a matzo ball (dumpling for a type of Jewish soup) manufacturing facility, before it was turned into a brewery of awesome. Forbes.com includes it in its top ten American breweries worth a visit last year, and according to Forbes.com, the company is known for its Pennant Ale and Black Chocolate Stout. What’s great about Brooklyn Brewery is that it hosts tours for walk-in customers on Saturdays and features a bar called the Tasting Room, where guests can sit back, relax and enjoy their beer and a slice of pizza.

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