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Twitter Tips for Your Restaurant

Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams | December 16, 2013 | 0

Social media isn’t just a fad–it’s now a necessity every business should have. It’s such a crucial part of business that multibillion dollar companies and top company execs swear by it. Let’s zero in on one of the most popular social media platforms right now Twitter.

Why Choose Twitter?

Twitter TipsMost of you probably have this question in mind: “Why should I choose Twitter as one of the marketing tools for your restaurant?” Well the truth is it is one of the easiest tools your business can have to connect with your customers. It is a means of getting your message to out to your audience and one of them can be your potential customer.

What Can You Do With Twitter?

Treat Twitter as Your Customers Magazine or Newspaper

Twitter can be used as a media tool for spreading the news and updates about your company. It’s a great way of making sure the word is out and you are spreading it like wildfire.

Twitter as a Promotional Tool

You can definitely use it as a promotional tool. Tell your customers about the upcoming events in your restaurant, new products or menu additions and more. You can also use Twitter for quick, real-time contests (i.e. Q and As, and “most shares or likes” types of contest).

Improve Customer Service

Yes. You can definitely improve your customer service. Most people are more likely to tweet than call and are online most of the time. Use Twitter to answer customer queries or to reply to shout outs or capsule reviews. Address customer complaints in the form of tweets quicker too with Twitter.

Advantages of Using Twitter for Business

Instant Endorsement or Testimonials

Using Twitter can help your restaurant earn more praises and endorsements. You just need to keep providing good service and make sure that you clean out all the negative feedback by offering something of value and resolving disputes before they even go viral. This is where improving customer experience comes in.

Increase Brand Awareness

When you put your business on Twitter, you are already on your way to increasing brand awareness among your target audience. It’s the best complementary form of promotion that you can do aside from physical banners, printouts and more in your restaurants. Now, what you can do to make most of those physical banners and posters is to include your Twitter handle on it so that customers can connect with you on Twitter.

More Twitter Tips

Create and own the conversation with unique hashtags. Hashtags (#) are useful for creating a conversation. Make sure that they are unique to your business and catchy.

Make sure that you listen to your audience. Suggestions or negative feedbacks are good things actually. These things help you determine areas for improvement so you can plan out better strategies.

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