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Relief Efforts –Where to Give, How to Help

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Cara Pahoyo | September 13, 2017 | 0

hurricane Relief Efforts –Where to Give, How to Help

There have been numerous disasters around the globe with the recent ones happening in the country and its surroundings. Rain and floods have wreaked havoc in Texas from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in Cuba, Florida, and Puerto Rico, among other areas. Thousands of people have been evacuated and a lot of property destroyed.

These events have left many wondering how you can help the victims. Houston county first respondents are asking people with boats and vehicles that can withstand high water levels to help with the rescue operation. There are many ways that they can assist in hurricane relief efforts; the easiest one is giving money to one of the numerous charities involved. Below are some suggestions on how to be of help.

Give Cash, Not Supplies. Most charities urge people to consider giving monetary donations as opposed to supplies due to the flexibility that comes with cash. It is much easier to distribute monetary donations or them to buy what the survivors need because there are no transportation costs involved. With cash donations, relief organizations can spend more time helping out since they don’t have to manage inventory. Cash donations are also safer since supplies could get ruined by the floods too. Some of the only supplies you should be thinking of donating include:

• Baby food
• Diapers
• Baby formula
• Plus-sized clothes
• Baby and children’s clothes
• Medical supplies
• Toiletries
• Wheelchairs

Consider Volunteering In the Months to Come. Hurricane Irma has brought about massive destruction to the Caribbean Islands and Florida. Both of these places will definitely require all the help they can get to recover. However, its always advisable for any volunteer who wants to self-deploy instantly to wait as this could lead to an additional burden to those who are already helping there. This should not discourage you though; sign up with an organization in the following months when the storm has already ceased. This is when recovery efforts will get underway. It is at this time that the affected areas will require the extra workmanship to deal with the aftermath.

Receive Shelter Training and Give Your Time. Hurricane Irma has left many people abandoning their homes and moving to make-shift shelters. These people need help desperately, and this is why you should consider becoming certified in shelter volunteering. This will help you to assist the staff of the pop-up shelters. Make sure to go where you are needed most so as not to get in the way of the first respondents. You can accomplish this by getting certified and applying as a volunteer via the right channels.

Verify the Charity. You should be very sure of the charitable organization you want to take your donations to and where your contribution is going to. With disasters also come scammers whose aim is to target the unsuspecting well-wishers. Always make sure your donation goes to the organization’s official website or mail your check in. Never send any donations over email, phone, or unknown web pages because these are favorite channels for scammers.

Donate Blood. During any disaster, blood is one of the essential things needed by relief organizations. Think of all those people who got physically hurt and are admitted to hospitals. It might be hard for them to get blood donation from their loved ones due to the confusion that results from natural catastrophes. Blood banks don’t always have enough blood in case of such disasters. If you are in a condition to, donate your blood to help save lives.

Online-Only Organizations. With the recent hurricanes (Harvey & Irma), legitimate online organizations have been set up to collect monetary donations. Others are helping victims find shelter while some are supplying the necessary commodities like food, clean water, and hygiene products to victims. Consider giving your donations to such organizations.

No matter how small your donation is, it is always good to volunteer for hurricane relief. What you give will go a long way in helping the victims. It could be you who requires the help sometime so assist where you can and make certain to stay safe while at it.

Visit this website for the list of organization that you can get in touch with to help with the relief efforts.

Short URL: http://bit.ly/2AEItou

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