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UST Training

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Training

Class A/B Operator Training

Class A and Class B UST operator training requirements are combined into one course.

A Class A UST Operator is often the overall manager (or owner) of the UST system facility. This person is responsible for compliance with the regulations governing the installation and operation of the UST system.

A Class B UST Operator ensures compliance with the day-to-day operation of the UST system, and is responsible for recordkeeping. Class B UST operators also make sure all Class C operator training has been completed.

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What is UST Training?

UST (Underground Storage Tank) training is intended for safety workers and their employers that have underground storage tanks in their work place. This storage tanks store fuel like petroleum and gas, or other similar hazardous substances.

How to Become a UST Operator?

Operators of underground storage tank (UST) systems are required to be trained about how to keep the USTs in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements set by the state in which they operate. To get authorized, Class A and B UST operators must complete their training and pass a DEC-administered exam. They are also subject to an annual refresher training. Meanwhile, Class C operators can be certified through an approved training course or training conducted by a Class A or B UST operator.

Class C UST Operator

A Class C UST Operator is required to be trained in proper emergency response procedures and operation of the tank and dispenser system. This includes knowing where the cut-off switch is, who to contact, and how to respond to a spill.

Courses by State

Select your state from the list below to learn more and pick your courses: