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What is TABC Certification?

TABC stands for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulates the sales, taxation, production, trade, and advertising of alcoholic beverages in Texas. Alcohol Seller/server Training regulated by this regulatory body is also called TABC Certification. It makes the rules the rest of us have to follow, and if you want to get a job serving alcohol in Texas, getting TABC certified is your first step.

To uphold the highest standards for alcohol sales and service, the TABC has certified third-party career training providers like Learn2serve to offer seller-server training. Known as the TABC certification course, the training program is your introduction to the laws you have to follow when selling alcoholic beverages.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. How to protect yourself and your business from liability.
  2. The effects of alcohol on your customers.
  3. How to keep customers from getting intoxicated.
  4. How to refuse a sale when appropriate.
  5. How to identify minors and accurately check IDs.

Getting TABC-Certified

Do you want to earn your TABC certification online? We can help! Since establishing our course, Learn2Serve has helped hundreds of thousands of students get TABC-certified.

Our new 2014 TABC certification course meets Texas requirements for alcohol seller-server certification. You can take the course when it’s convenient for you, in one session or over several days. Enroll now and print your TABC certificate of completion immediately after you pass your exam.

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License Renewal or Certificate Reprinting

As mentioned, certificates are automatically available upon course completion. You can download yours from your Learn2Serve account at any time. It is valid for two years. After your TABC certification expires, you must repeat the course and pass the certification exam again.

Verification of your Certificates

Restaurants and other employers can verify employees’ certification through the TABC Certificate Inquiry page. Simply enter the employee’s Social Security number and date of birth.

Corrective Actions/Sanctions against Violations

The “Safe Harbor Act” mandates retailers to require workers who are directly involved in the sale and service of alcoholic beverages to be TABC-certified. Unlicensed sellers/servers may face arrest. Based on the General Provisions of section 34.1 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, a written warning may be issued to first-time offenders provided that no “serious bodily harm” resulted from the sale. Otherwise, the case would be referred to the Legal Services Division. An equivalent penalty and permit suspension/cancellation would be given to the violator, following the issuance of written warning. Subsequent violations of the Code would result in graver sanctions and fines. For the TABC’s complete schedule of sanctions, visit the Standard Penalty Chart page on the official TABC website.