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Online Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training

Why Learn2Serve for your Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Certification?

  • Approved by the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue.
  • Recognized – by major employers, insurance firms and enforcement.
  • Trusted – by over 500,000 sellers and servers from the industry.
  • Interactive – you may actually enjoy learning our engaging material.
  • Live 24×7 Support – for you night owls, our toll-free live help is always on.

Your Enrollment Fee Includes:

  • Access to the online course and exam.
  • Unlimited 24×7 toll free phone support.
  • Printable, temporary certificate.

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We know what it takes to get you educated and certified with the State of Wisconsin. As an early pioneer of web-based alcohol certification training, our program is utilized by leading establishments across Wisconsin and nationwide, helping thousands of employees and businesses get certified on their own schedule to protect their liability and interests. We’ve helped to shape the industry and its’ regulations for the alternative delivery of alcohol safety training and continue to lead the way.

Individual Courses

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Free Courses

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Bulk Prices for Wisconsin Alcohol Training

Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training
1-9 courses $14.95 each
10-24 courses $12.71 each
25 or more courses $11.21 each
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Wisconsin Bartending License

A license is required for individuals wishing to sell and serve alcohol in the state of Wisconsin. learn2serve.com can help you get started on your way to obtaining your Wisconsin bartending license in a more timely and cost-effective fashion: Do it online by enrolling in our Responsible Beverage Server Training course!

Because the course is Web based, you have the flexibility to take it anytime and anywhere there’s a computer and Internet connection. Our innovative educational materials are regularly updated and easy to use, and they’ve been designed by experts who are the best in their fields. With learn2serve.com, you can earn the required credits that you need to qualify for a Wisconsin bartenders license in no time.

Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Training

Wisconsin’s nightlife and bar scene has a lot to offer for tourists and locals alike. After all, Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, won’t be called “Brew City” for nothing. Main roads are dotted with family-owned and enterprise-owned taverns and nightclubs, which only seem to get bigger and better as years went on. Be part of Wisconsin’s ever-growing bar scene by obtaining your license from Learn2Serve!

Learn2Serve offers Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Training for individuals who’d like to obtain their Wisconsin Bartender License (Operator License). These individuals include on-premise alcohol sellers or servers like bartenders, waiters and their supervisors.

The Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Training comprises of a four-hour interactive online course that will teach students to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages in Wisconsin. Learn2Serve’s Wisconsin responsible beverage training course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and satisfies the requirements of local statutes 125.04 and 125.17.

Specifically, this Wisconsin bartending course will teach students how to:

  • Check IDs accurately for alcohol and tobacco sales
  • Recognize the effects of alcohol on consumers
  • Prevent and deal with disturbances
  • Refuse a sale and prevent customers from getting drunk
  • Prevent second-party sales
  • Protect themselves and establishment from liabilities
  • Wisconsin alcohol laws

The training concludes with a final exam which students must successfully pass with a 70 percent score or higher. Learn2Serve will award students a certification on their LMS (Learning Management System) accounts following course completion. This certificate will be available for download and printing as needed.

To obtain your Wisconsin bartending license, you have to go to your local municipality to report your certification. Then you’ll receive your bartender/operator’s license. To qualify for the license, you must be 18 years old and above, have no criminal records, and have completed the bartending course successfully.

Learn2Serve’s Wisconsin bartender training offers you the flexibility and freedom you need. Take advantage of our discounted rate for the program at only $14.95.

State Requirements

Applicants for operator’s (“bartending”) licenses are required to complete an approved responsible beverage server training course unless:

  • The person is renewing a retail or an operator’s (bartender’s/sales clerk’s) license.
  • The person was agent within the past two years of a corporation that held a Class A beer, Class B beer, Class A liquor, Class B liquor, or Class C wine license.
  • The person held a retail license or an operator’s or manager’s license during the past two years.
  • The person completed such a course within the past two years.