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OLCC Permit Oregon

Oregon Alcohol Seller/Server – OLCC Permit

Enrollment Fee Includes:

  • Aceess to the online course anythime
  • Unlimited chat, email and phone support
  • PDF Proof of Class Completion

Why Choose Learn2Serve?

  • Legal. Get legal to serve alcohol and make money fast.
  • Easy access. Online course is easy to access from anywhere.
  • Approved. This course was approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
  • FIVE YEARS. Your OLCC Permit will be Valid for 5 years throughout the State of Oregon.
  • Recognized. Major employers, insurance firms, and enforcement agencies look for this certification.
  • Trusted. Over 500,000 sellers and servers in the industry trust Learn2Serve. 500,000 can’t be wrong.
  • Customer Support. Online chat and toll free phone support.
  • Interactive. Learning materials and instructions are not just fully available online, they’re fully interactive. That’s one FUN, fast way to learn!


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  • This course provides you with all the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be…
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  • Tobacco Seller

    Tobacco Seller

    This course introduces the world of tobacco laws and regulation. Throughout this course, United States federal laws concerning the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products will be discussed.

    In the United States, the "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act," also known as the "Tobacco Control Act," governs the ways in which tobacco products may be sold and distributed to consumers. This course-and the Tobacco Control Act-focuses primarily on keeping tobacco and tobacco-related products out of the hands of children (by law, defined as anyone under the age of 18 years old). These restrictions involve numerous regulatory and advertising standards, as well as strict laws regarding the advertising and promotion of cigarettes and other tobacco-containing products.

    This course also explains the significant health risks to smokers and others who use tobacco products, and seeks to minimize the damage done to the youngest generations by helping them choose to avoid becoming smokers or tobacco users.

    Duration: 2 hrs.
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    This course introduces the world of tobacco laws and regulation. Throughout this course, United States…
    Course Type:
    Online Package
    Hours: 2

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  • ID Checkpoint

    ID Checkpoint

    Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how old someone is by how he or she looks. In this course, you will learn many ways to tell how old someone is not just by looking at them, but also by recognizing fake forms of identification.

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    Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how old someone is by how he or…
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    Online Package
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How to get your Oregon Alcohol Service Permit:

1. Take the Learn2Serve Oregon Alcohol Education course HERE.
When you finish our approved course, you’ll receive a Proof of Class Completion PDF.
You must have this Proof of Class Completion before you can take the test.

2. Visit the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to create an account and pass the test.
Create an account HERE.
Upload your Proof of Class Completion document.
Pass the test. 50 questions. Score 70% to pass. Try until you pass.

3. Complete your OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Application online, and pay the application fee.
All the instructions are available on the OLCC website

4. Download, save or print your Temporary Alcohol Service Permit. Keep that until you receive your official permit. When your application is approved, the OLCC will email you your new permit.

Oregon Alcohol Service Permits are valid for 5 years.

OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal Info

Check out the FAQ’s for OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal HERE.

You can find the User Guide for the portal HERE.

Responsible alcohol serving starts with the OLCC alcohol service permit.

  • Select your course and click the Enroll button.
  • Complete the course.

The State of Oregon seems quiet and isolated from American media, except for the occasional pop culture references to its independent music scene and political climate. But Oregon is, in fact, making some buzz in another area—its liquor industry. Oregon takes pride in its craft beer distillery industry, which generates about $53 million in sales annually and influences a healthy beer-drinking and mixology culture in the state. How does the state keep everyone in good spirits?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is the government body that regulates the alcoholic beverage sales and service in the state of Oregon. The OLCC has been established back in the 1930s to uphold the highest standards for alcohol sales. In line with its mission, the OLCC requires all alcohol sellers, servers, and merchants to acquire an OLCC permit or OLCC card which will allow them to perform activities relating to the sales and service of alcoholic beverages legally.

Learn2Serve offers individual courses to satisfy your employer’s and the state of Oregon’s requirements for alcohol server training. Learn2Serve’s Oregon Alcohol Server Education course provides workers (e.g. bartenders, staff, bar owners and managers and mixologists) with the necessary knowledge and skills in selling and serving alcohol responsibly, in complying with state rules and regulations, and in ensuring the safety of customers and the general public.

The Oregon liquor license validity extends up to only five years from the date of alcohol server training. Only individuals who have taken an alcohol server education class within the past 7 years are eligible to renew their permit and take a renewal class. You can determine your eligibility by directly consulting with the OLCC. Call the OLCC’s hotline 503-872-5114 or 800-452-6522 ext. 5114 before signing up for a renewal class.

Be part of Oregon’s lively liquor scene. Enroll and start your course now.

OLCC License History

In 1985, following initiatives by the state’s restaurant association, Oregon legislated that all owners and employees of licensed businesses that serve alcohol for on-premise consumption must undergo mandatory server education. Oregon was the first state in the country to require alcohol safety training. The current law requires alcohol servers take and pass a course in responsible alcohol service every 5 years.

Following the tradition set by the State of Oregon when it pioneered mandatory training for all alcohol servers, learn2Serve.com’s online Alcohol Server Education provides the instruction that alcohol servers need to obtain their Oregon alcohol service permit.

OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Facts

Server education ensures that anyone serving alcohol does so safely and responsibly. Oregon server education covers 4 major areas:

  • Oregon alcohol sale and service laws, including drunk-driving statutes
  • Alcohol’s effects on the body and behavior, and alcohol interaction with other substances, including drugs
  • Intervention methods for dealing with intoxicated or underage customers
  • Responsible advertising, marketing, and management procedures

At the end of the course, you’ll receive your Proof of Class Completion. Then you can complete your exam and application on the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal.

FAQs about Oregon Alcohol Seller Server Training and Certification

What is the Oregon Alcohol Seller Server Permit?

The Oregon Alcohol Seller/Server service permit is a document issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to employees who serve alcohol in restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, bars, lounges, private clubs, and similar businesses that sell or serve alcohol to its customers.

Who needs the Oregon Alcohol Seller Server Permit?

The state of Oregon has an existing law which requires employees who mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner to obtain a service permit if they are working at an establishment with a liquor license that allows its customers to drink on the premises. Managers who supervise and oversee employees who mix, serve, or sell alcohol are also required to acquire a service permit.

How to qualify for a service permit?

The applicant must be at least 18 years old, must take an alcohol server education class, take a test, submit the online application, and pay the application fee.

Where can I take the class?

It is recommended to take the entire course online, which is more efficient and convenient than traditional on-site training. You can take the course at 360training.com, one of the selected and approved training provider of seller/server course in many states across the country.

Until when is it valid?

The certification’s validity is up to five years from the date the Alcohol Server Education class was taken.

State Requirements

Who is required to have an Alcohol Service Permit in the state of Oregon?
For how long is an Alcohol Service Permit valid?
How does the Alcohol Service Permit requirement for servers and
establishments benefit the public?
What areas need to be covered by any alcohol server training class in Oregon?
What is the passing grade for the multiple choice exam that an alcohol
server training student has to take at the end of the class?
If I fail the exam, can I retake?
How do I renew my Oregon alcohol server license?
Who can take a Renewal Course?
Who can take a Renewal Course?